5 Ways to Homeschool During Summer

Each of these fun and creative ways to homeschool during summer are a great way to continue learning year-round. Summer is the perfect time to embrace some child lead learning and see where it takes you!

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Summer has some amazing learning opportunities that you cannot enjoy in the winter like setting off a massive chemical reaction that creates a mess best left for the garden hose or joining a local community learning program.

It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids while also exploring any and everything they can imagine without the stress of getting through a curriculum.

5 Ways to Homeschool During Summer

Field Trips

Summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of local events and activities to make them part of your homeschool. Even a family camping trip can become a valuable homeschool field trip for your child.

Because most kids are out of school and parents are looking for ways to keep their kids busy there are many more great activities and educational programs. Your children can enjoy over the summer than during the school year when other kids are stuck in a classroom all day and do not have time for these events.

Hands-on Learning

Spend the summer enjoying all of the fun messy activities you have been too scared to do with your kids in the house over the winter. This is the perfect time to embrace the messy projects, explosive science lessons, and other amazing things that are best done outside where the clean-up is easier.

For little ones try these Easy Preschool Letter Activities to keep them learning while they play. For older kids, try these Educational STEM Toys that they can enjoy all summer long.

Nature Studies

Summer is a great time to start a nature journal! Kids can track the amazing creatures you see, daily weather patterns, and other nature related activities. Set up a weather station in the backyard, take the kids on hikes to observe wildlife, and go for a stroll around the local zoo to take advantage of the many great opportunities to study nature in your homeschool this summer.

Another great way to study outside is by planting a garden and learning what plants need to grow. This gives you so many learning opportunities such as how food is grown and harvested, how ecosystems work, and even how decomposition works. For the best results, have them help with everything from planning to harvest.


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Reading Challenges

Reading is truly one of the most important things your child can be doing over the summer. Set up a relaxing space to read a book that they won’t want to leave all summer! Like a hammock in the shade or a large bean bag near the air conditioner.

Many local libraries offer a range of great summer reading programs to help encourage kids to spend the summer reading. Homeschool families are encouraged to take part in these summer reading programs. They can be a great incentive for kids to read more.

If your library doesn’t offer a summer reading program you can set up your own homeschool reading program. Print a reading challenge and offer kids rewards to encourage them to read more books!


Summer is a great time to get crafty and even better, get messy! Take some finger painting projects outside, or have fun with the glitter without tracking it through the house.

You can also make some simple projects inside on those days when it’s too hot to go outside. Crafting is the perfect way to enjoy some air conditioning while staying away from the television and video games.

Some of our favorite summer crafts include this Under the Sea Craft, Rainbow Cloud Craft and David & Goliath Craft.

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