Free Preschool Worksheets for Homeschooling

These free preschool worksheets for homeschooling are perfect to start teaching your little ones at home without spending tons of money on a curriculum.

Covering everything from the alphabet, numbers, writing and more, these free preschool worksheets are all you need to start your preschoolers first year of school.

Alphabet Worksheets

Alphabet Book

This free printable alphabet book download is a great resource for children in preschool. Children will practice saying, tracing, writing, and coloring all the letters, A-Z!

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Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids

Help your preschooler practice their ABC’s with these free printable alphabet coloring pages for kids.

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Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheets

This cut and paste letter sound printable pack is a fun way to build your little one’s letter recognition skills while simultaneously working on phonics and fine motor!

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Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Your child will learn the alphabet while practicing important fine motor skills with these free printable alphabet play dough mats! Use them with your favorite play dough or make the included recipe.

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Alphabet Flashcards

These fun alphabet flashcards include uppercase, lowercase and punctuation. They’re available in a hand colored or black and white version.

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Letters and Sounds Phonics Games

Letters And Sounds Phonics Games are great for teaching beginning sounds to young children. Fun, engaging teaching ideas and printable resources ideal for learning letters and sounds.

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Number Worksheets

Numbers Tracing 1-20 Worksheets

Help your kids learn the basic skills with these numbers tracing 1-20 worksheets free printable. They learn how to write their numbers with these numbers tracing worksheets.

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Number Flashcards 1-100

These number flashcards are available in 1-100 and function signs. A hand colored and a black and white version is available for our kiddos to learn from!

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Color by Number Worksheets

Make learning fun with these free printable summer themed Color by Number worksheets! Perfect for practicing number recognition.

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Cookie Counting Printable Game

Print out this fun cookie themed game to help your child count and recognize numbers, along with strengthening their fine motor skills by using the clip cards.

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Spring Counting Book

This free printable counting book is a fun way for preschoolers to practice counting and fine motor skills.

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Numbers to 20 Worksheets

Color and write the number to 20 worksheets. These printable are fantastic for children who are learning to count and write their numbers.

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Number Coloring Pages

Here’s a set of free number coloring pages to help reinforce number recognition. Your child can color or paint them and practice one to one correspondence.

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Counting to 100 Worksheets

Kids will love these counting to 100 worksheets as they learn and practice their counting skills. A printable 100 chart is also included for reference. As a bonus, all numbers can be traced for extra writing practice.

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Writing Worksheets

Weather Tracing Worksheets

Your preschoolers will develop their fine motor skills, practice writing strokes, and much more as they trace the lines on these Weather Tracing Worksheets.

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Pencil Control Worksheets

These seven pencil control worksheets help build the skills needed for fluent and legible writing. These worksheets were developed to help children master all of the basic handwriting strokes they will use to properly form capital and lowercase letters.

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Transportation Tracing Lines

If you’re looking for transportation fine motor activities for preschool, then you’re in the right place! These prewriting lines are easy to prepare and super cute!

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