Homeschool Standardized Testing Prep

Preparing for homeschool standardized testing can make the experience less scary and set them up for success. While standardized tests are nothing to stress over, it’s something that all homeschooled children will have to do at one point or another.

homeschool standardized testing

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Homeschool standardized testing has different requirements and rules for each state. A good place to find out exactly what you need to be doing and when is by checking the state laws for wherever you live.

As homeschoolers we all know that standardized tests are the farthest thing from an accurate judgement of your children’s knowledge. Only you know your kids. You know what they struggle with and what they excel at. You don’t need a test to tell you. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t prepare your children and encourage them to try their best.


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Preparing for Homeschool Standardized Testing

In the months and weeks leading up to your child’s testing you can make a few steps to help prepare them for the testing.

Get Study Guides

Most standardized tests have study guides available. These are a great start to preparing your child for the test because they can give you an idea of what your child needs to know before the test. This is important for tests that will affect your child’s college application process.

Try Test Prep Programs

Many standardized tests have online study programs that your child can use to help get them ready for the test. For ones that do not have a test prep study program that helps them learn how to take a test. You can find generalized test prep workbooks online sorted by grade level to make teaching your child how to fill in bubbles and such easy.

Talk to Your Child About What to Expect

Talk to your child about what the test will be like, and what the test means for them. Answer some common questions like: Is it just for the state? Will you be using the results to see where your child needs help? Is this test something that will affect college applications?
For young kids, standardized tests are not important and your child doesn’t need to stress about them. You simply need to tell your kids to try their best and that the test results are more for showing where they are than judging their education.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For your child to be successful in their standardized testing they need to have a good night’s sleep. This can be hard to accomplish in many cases because of the uncertainty that keeps kids’ minds going. Try to keep them active during the day to help them sleep well that night.

Feed Your Child Well

In the morning before the test, make your child a good breakfast. Choose something that has both protein and fiber to help ensure that they stay full for longer and if allowed, pack a lunch or snack for your child on the day of testing to make sure they are full and can focus better.

Lighten the Mood

Try to take some of the pressure off of your child by lightening the mood before the test. Give your child a treat, take a break to do something they enjoy, and look for a way to relax your child and make them laugh. If your child is feeling light-hearted when they start their test it will be less stressful.

Favorite School Supplies

Test Study Supplies

While scoring high might not be a concern with your student, preparing for standardized tests is a great opportunity to practice some study methods. This will be particularly helpful if you don’t do a lot of formal tests at home and your child plans further education.

If you have additional ways that your family prepares for homeschool standardized testing please share them with us in the comments below!

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