5 Easy Preschool Letter Activities

Preschool letter activities are a great way for your little ones to get familiar with the alphabet in a fun and exciting way! Your preschoolers will enjoy these activities so much they probably won’t even realize they are learning.

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With your children just starting to get used to schooling it’s important to keep it light and enjoyable. This is there first exposure to organized learning. If you make school seem fun when they are still this small they will want to keep learning and doing more.

Learning the alphabet and all the sounds each letter makes is one of the first steps your child needs to master before moving onto reading. Teaching your child the alphabet in preschool is a great way to get a head start on their learning while staying within their capabilities and not expecting too much too early.

These preschool letter activities will begin to get your child familiar with the alphabet while they still feel like they are playing and having fun.


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Books to Learn Letters

If your child seems to be struggling with learning all the letters of the alphabet, there are so many things you can do to help them! One of the best ways to help teach your child letter recognition is through reading. These are some of our favorite letter books:

Preschool Letter Activities

Clothes Pin Matching

The clothes pin matching is one of the easiest preschool letter activities to put together. Plus, I don’t know about you but my kids are weirdly obsessed with clothes pins.

You will need:
clothespin letter matching

Write the entire uppercase alphabet around the edge of the paper plate. Then write each lowercase letter on the clip of a clothes pin. Mix up the clothes pins and let your little ones do the rest!

This activity is great to help kids practice their upper and lowercase letters while also exercising their fine motor skills by opening and closing the clothes pins.

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Sprinkle Finger Writing

For this activity you will need to have enough faith in your preschooler not to eat all the sprinkles (maybe a few here or there but not all of them). Surprisingly enough my kids were too excited to play with the sprinkles they didn’t even try to eat them.

You will need:
letter writing

Cover the whole bottom of a shallow food storage container with sprinkles. Take the flash cards out of the box and place them in a pile next to the sprinkles. Show your child how to write the letters with their fingers in the sprinkles. Then let them go through all the cards and maybe promise a special prize (more sprinkle tasting) for getting through the whole stack.

Since children’s fingers are not actually developed enough to hold a pencil correctly at this age, this is an awesome activity to help them start writing the alphabet without pencils or crayons. You can also ask they to say the letter or it’s sound as they go.

Paper Towel Roll Stickers

Of course kids love anything with stickers. And also paper towel rolls. This is the perfect preschool letter activity for matching upper and lowercase letters in a new and fun way! So don’t throw out those old paper towel rolls because you can always use them for learning.

You will need:
letter matching

Take a paper towel roll and write all the uppercase letters all over, out of order. Then write all the lowercase letters on each dot sticker. Tell your child to take each lowercase letter sticker and place it on the matching uppercase letter on the paper towel roll. This will help to reinforce pairing upper and lowercase letters.

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Alphabet Search and Color

This learning activity might be the messiest but kids usually have the most fun with it (of course). But if your kids do end up making a huge mess, you can do a follow up lesson on how to use the vacuum! This is a great sensory activity and I have to admit, even I love to stick my hands in all that rice.
To make it extra fun you can make rainbow rice with food coloring but I didn’t have the time or energy for that this time.

You will need:
alphabet search and find

Carefully pour the entire bag of rice into the storage container. Then mix in each letter of the alphabet from the plastic letters. Print out the Alphabet Search and Find worksheet available below and let your kids start digging! You can either let them color as they find letters or ask them to go in order.

Cookie Sheet Alphabet Order

This is the simplest activity to put together. With only two materials needed it’s likely you already have them around the house. Sometimes parents can overlook that just because their children know their letters doesn’t mean they know what order they go in. This can help show where your child is at in learning the order of alphabet.

You will need:
alphabet order

Give your child a cookie sheet and the pile of magnetic letters. Ask them to put them in alphabetical order. If they can do it easily, you will know it’s time to move on to letter sounds. If it’s something to struggle with then you can continue to practice and work on it with them.

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