The Best Free Homeschool Programs

Take advantage of wonderful free homeschool programs available online to make it easy to teach your child from home! Whether you are looking for a full curriculum or just some free resources to supplement with, you can find the perfect match for what you are looking for.

free homeschool programs

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Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive but you also don’t have to create your own curriculum from scratch to save money either. With the internet at your fingertips, you can take advantage of wonderful free homeschool programs available to make it easy to teach your child. All you will have to spend is the cost of basic school supplies and any fun additions you want to add like zoo memberships, new books, and extracurricular activities.

5 Free Homeschool Programs

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool is a free online-based homeschool program. It offers 180 days of lessons for each year taking you from preschool through high school. Developed by a homeschool mom, this program costs only your time and basic school supplies.

This program strives to meet the developmental needs of each grade. This allows plenty of room for you to advance your child as you see fit to prevent students from getting bored. While it does take a lot of time and effort for parents, the strong education and cost savings is well worth the time.

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool covers all core subjects as well as bible, music, and art. This allows you to use those complete programs to teach your children easily and effectively. This program is founded on the idea that perfection doesn’t need to be reached. Also that fostering a love of learning is the most important thing parents can do to help their children’s education thrive.


Discovery12 is an online program that is 100% free for student accounts. Track your child’s education yourself or pay for an optional parent account to allow the program to track your child’s progress for you with comprehensive reports.

This free program covers language arts, reading, math, science, history, arts, and physical education. These make up lessons in a complete 180-day program for homeschoolers. Everything you need is provided online though it is recommended that you utilize your personal or community library as well.

This program is extremely flexible for homeschoolers. Use what you need, skip what you don’t, mix and match with other programs to create a custom education.


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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great interactive online program. It covers math, science, language arts, computers, art economics, and test prep. This program is open to the public and is often utilized by homeschoolers and teachers alike. Khan Academy uses interactive lessons, built-in assessments, and progress reports that make it easy to see where your child is. This program can be used as a stand-alone or supplement for the topics it covers.
Choose which topics your child needs to make the most of this program. The staff at Khan Academy prides themselves in offering a free, sustainable, world-class education for everyone.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is a free homeschool program that is based on Charlotte Mason learning principles.

The main part of the curriculum is their book lists for each year which covers history, geography, and literature. They also list suggested supplements for math, foreign language, and phonics and put a strong emphasis on studying nature and the arts. You’ll need to get the books on the lists somehow, but many have links for the books that have become public domain and can be accessed for free. 

The women who created this curriculum put much love and hard work into it over years of homeschooling their own kids using Charlotte Mason’s methodology. They have since created a strong community of like-minded families. Ambleside Online is a great option for a beautifully rich curriculum that you can tailor to your individual children.

An Old Fashioned Education

Another free option is An Old-Fashioned Education which takes the idea behind Ambleside Online and tweaks it a bit. While there is still a large focus on living books, this curriculum also includes some textbooks. This works great for families that are coming out of the public school system and need a bit more structure, or just enjoy the structure of a textbook anyway.

There is a suggested lesson plan for each grade level, but the great part is the huge book lists! You will find over 40 categories to look through, each including its own list of relevant books to study from. With so many options to choose from, you’ll find all you need is your book list and local library.

Freedom Homeschooling

Freedom Homeschooling finds all the free homeschooling resources out there and puts them into one place. You will find both all-in-one curricula, as well as lessons separated by subject. Something especially helpful is their notation of what exactly can be accessed for free on each website.

When planning your school year out, it may be important to you to focus on education from a Christian worldview. Freedom Homeschooling conveniently marks which curricula or lessons are from Christian sources. They found all the options for you, all you have to do is pick out what you want to use!

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