Under the Sea Craft

This Under the Sea Craft is perfect for showing kids some of the amazing creatures that live in our oceans! Help spark an interest in the beautiful sea life God created by letting them use their imaginations in making their own ocean.

under the sea craft

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As a homeschooling mom, crafts are not my strong point. But I know it’s something so important in getting my kids interested in learning and building their creativity. So simple crafts for us it is!

This is the perfect simple craft with a little bit of coloring, a little bit of cutting, and a little bit of gluing! Because of how simple it is, this craft is perfect for preschoolers all the way through fifth grade. Older kids can even get more creative by using glitter glue or drawing their own creatures.

Supplies Needed:

This simple craft only requires a few simple supplies. Blue construction paper for the water, white construction paper for the sand and the sea creatures template available below. Then just colored pencils or crayons to color, scissors to cut everything out and glue to stick them on!

supplies for under the sea craft

How to Make an Under the Sea Craft:

When you’ve got everything together, your little ones can start coloring their sea creatures! They can color the bible verse in a light color if they want. When they are done coloring have them cut out each animal and the bible verses.

Older kids might be able to cut closer to the lines of the creatures while littler kids might have to cut bigger circles around them. Then just cut out some sand for the bottom and you are ready for the next step!

step 1 of under the sea craft


Glue the bible verses at the top and the sand at the bottom first. This way your kids can put all the sea creatures wherever they want around the two. A glue stick will work better with the thin computer paper because regular white glue will be too wet and smudge the words.

Finally, glue each sea creature to your craft and you have a beautiful ocean view! To make it even more fun go over each of the creatures names and look up something cool about them. God made each of these unique creatures and made even more unique characteristics for each of them!

final under the sea craft


  1. Gather materials and print out the sea creatures template (available below).
  2. Color each of the sea creatures then cut them out along with the bible verse.
  3. Cut the white construction paper into the shape of sand you want to go along the bottom of the blue construction paper.
  4. Glue the sand to the bottom and the bible verse to the top.
  5. Glue each of the sea creatures to the water and sand.

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